Yes, you’ve read the title correctly! I recently received an iTunes voucher and wasn’t too sure what apps to purchase. So I decided that I will purchase 10 mobile apps (maybe more depending on costs). For the first 10 developers who wants me to purchase their app all they have to do is like our page and then send me the iTunes link of your app and I will purchase your mobile application. You can email the link to or leave me a message in facebook. I will also review your app so that’s a value added benefit right there.

The conditions are:

1. First in first serve – I will need to approve whether I’ll purchase the app or not. You will definitely receive a reply with a Yes or No
2. Yes it can be a game
3. The app must not cost more than $2.00
4. Has to be on iTunes because I only have an iTunes voucher

I look forward to using and reviewing your mobile application.

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