wArcanoid V: The Solar System


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This action game is a bit similar to Luxor. But in this game You have to destroy bright colored meteorites and avoid their collisions with your space ship.

And that to do it, You have to be very precise in your shots and very skilled in driving your space ship between passing by threatening planet-killers. Also you have to be careful, because you can destroy met of any color just only with the ball of tha same color.

Also, some of meteorites are so huge, that you can not destroy them with your balls. In this case You can only trust in your driving genius.

During all the game You can catch some powerups, emitted from destroying meteorites. As a matter of fact, just only using all these bombs, rockets, bomb-sights, jewels and other You are really to have a chance to finish your journey. The main goal of the game is to connect our Solar System in something like energy ring, that your State can use resources of all planets in the Solar System and avoid energy crisis in Future.

In this game we used real high quality space photos in background themes. Also here you can see the real images of planets of our Solar System.

Windows 95/98/ME,Windows NT/2000,Windows XP


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