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Not everyone is aware that their computer is storing information about them and their computer activities on their hard drive. Small bits of information are left whenever a document is used, a web site is visited or an internet search in performed. Entire internet chat histories may be stored, along with tracking cookies from advertisers and traces from social networks. All of this information poses a potential privacy risk if it falls into the wrong hands. And on a secondary note, these unneeded files are taking up valuable space on your computer. Manually searching for and erasing all of this information is a tedious and timely task. And in order to remain effective, must be done every time an action is performed on the computer. This is where WinGuard Privacy Protector steps in. How WinGuard Privacy Protector Helps… WinGuard is an easy to use software application that allows you to schedule scans of your computer to ensure all potential privacy risks are removed on an ongoing basis. The software will scan for these risks and you decide how you want them dealt with. There is even a shred option which makes a file unrecoverable for extra security.

Mac,Linux,Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7,Android,Apple iOS,BlackBerry OS,Windows Phone 7


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