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A zombie shooter audio game. Made from gut-wrenching 3D binaural sound, for a new kind of weird immersion.

You are the blind warrior, fighting off wave after wave of Dr Bastard’s Zombies. With 3D binaural sound the zombies really are all around you.

* 3D binaural sound and no graphics for complete, weird immersion.
* Fast-paced, pick up and play audio gaming
* Simple and immersive gyro interface. Swipe or tilt the screen if you'd prefer to remain seated.
* Progress through 20 challenges, 14 upgradeable weapons and 4 power ups. 11 “special zombies” and 15 zombies in total and 1 Dr Bastard. Endless Mode and leaderboards
* No IAP. Just buy the game and play
* Fully accessible for blind and partially sighted gamers
* Support for iPhone 4S upwards and iPad 2 upwards
* Sounds great with standard earphones
* As scary as you can imagine

There’s everything you'd expect from a brilliant zombie game. Progress through a badass range of special zombies and weapons – Chainsaw Zombies give you a really close binaural haircut, Farty Zombies explodes in a towering inferno of noise and gore. You start with little popgun pistol and eventually graduate to the sonic cannon. With Challenges and Endless mode there are hours of fun.


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