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“If a challenge is what you seek, you should definitely track this down on the app store.” 4/5 “Great” – Enemy Slime

“it's an easy lure for people who like challenging games as I am one of them. And for some reason it's working on me.” – Pocket Gamer

WARNING: Zengrams is the most challenging puzzle game on iOS.

Do not be alarmed if you cannot complete all 70 mindbending puzzles – most players cannot.

Zengrams is an abstract, minimalist puzzler available exclusively on the Apple App Store for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Designed by Andreas Boye and brought to you by the publisher of indie hits Pathogen and Third Eye Crime,
Zengrams was designed to exercise your brain through deceptively simple puzzles in which
players rearrange shapes into the correct design. Carefully manage your limited number of
moves as you cut, combine and position your way to success.

Zengrams features a unique style and puzzle based gameplay inspired by origami and logic
puzzles. Featuring an extensive Single Player Campaign of progressively difficult challenges,
Zengrams will challenge even the best puzzle players to solve each deceptively simple-looking
challenge. Zengrams is designed with intuitive visual mechanics that make it simple enough
for anyone to pick up and play, while higher difficulty end game puzzles offer challenges for
experienced puzzle gamers.

Zengrams Features:

•Unique style and puzzle gameplay inspired by origami and logic puzzles
•Extensive Single Player Campaign – 70 levels of progressively difficult challenges
•No Hints or IAP cheats – hold your own hand
•Easy to Play, Hard to Master: intuitive visual mechanics make Zengrams simple for anyone to pick up and play, while higher difficulty settings offer challenges for experienced puzzle gamers
•Optimized for iOS 8 and Retina Display

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