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User gets several options for splitting, merging, joining, combining, adding, deleting, removing, breaking several PDF pages with this strong tool. With the use of PDF splitter, user can break the file into several pieces and can combine only important pieces to make a new PDF file to use for another purpose. Users can break any number of PDF pages and with any size of PDF page and can merge them to perform a single action on splitting or merge option. This application can be used by any user with this user friendly interface and PDF splitter and merger software is for all level of users including Office Users as well as Home users. This software supports multiple PDF files at a time to split or merge the PDF file(s). PDF splitter is also known as PDF cutter or PDF breaker that cut or break the large PDF file into number of small PDF files according to need of users and PDF merger is also known as PDF joiner, PDF combiner that does the same task as PDF splitter & merger works.

Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7


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