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Multi Copy-Paste for Windows. Allowing you to copy and cut as much as you want of text and files and paste them anywhere. Hotkeys: (CTRL+C),(CTRL+X),(CTRL+V) With Multi Copy-Paste you can Copy text and files using (CTRL+C) or (CTRL+X) and the application will save all of them. Paste the text or files using (CTRL+V) will popup a window showing all what you had copied and you can choose individual record or check many to paste by just double click, (Note: if you double clicked an unchecked record then it will paste only it while if you pressed a checked record then it will paste all checked records. The window will show you also the type of the copy whether it is text or file and incase it is file then it will shows you the file path. In addition of that it will also shows you the hotkey you pressed (Copy or Cut) for each record. If you choosed a copied file record then it will paste it with keeping the source of record while if you choosed a cut file record then it will paste it and remove the source of record since it was moving to a new destination. Ability to delete as much as you want of the records that you copied or cutted from the application or easily empty all by one click. Options to set application to run on windows startup , Minimize the application on windows startup. Use registration tab in options to register the application after you purchase it and getting the registration key. There is a tab in options called (About) also will explain by deep details about the application thriugh slide show.

Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7,Windows 8


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